jimmy´z – modern stimulisation

we want everyone to feel great and to reach their full potential. however, almost every stimulant throughout history has either proven to be harmful (such as nicotine and drugs) or demands a great deal of time and practice until its true effects unfold (such as meditation). no more! at jimmy’z, we are opening up new ways in which to stimulate yourself, anywhere and at any time you want.

new consumers

the world is changing radically and, with it, so are the needs of customers. today, consumers wish to be understood, respected and taken seriously more than ever. when developing jimmy’z products, we have taken great care to involve users in development and to implement their feedback from the very beginning.

it is only in this manner that we can ensure that our products can deliver their full benefits and that we can make a positive contribution.


europe, america, asia, africa

jimmy’z is already available in over 20 countries, and is constantly expanding further