Jimmy’z Shisha

the completely new shisha experience. for millennia, people all over the world have been gathering together to enjoy the stimulating effect of traditional shisha. jimmy’z shisha now makes this same experience available to you – just without the negative parts. nine good reasons to choose jimmy’z.

concept of the future

an electric shisha with capsule system. completely without nicotine, tobacco, or burning charcoal.

you inhale nothing but pure taste and our stimulating matchX formula. just like a cigarette, it gives you a boost of energy or helps you to relax – depending on what it is you need in the moment.

simple and easy

thanks to our company-developed capsule system, jimmy’z shisha is ready to be enjoyed in just 3 simple steps:

  1. fill with water
  2. insert pod (capsule)
  3. press ‘start’ and enjoy
a taste sensation without limits

jimmy’z shisha is operated by a high-quality li-ion battery, its water tank is practically unbreakable, and you receive a practical travel bag with every shisha. experience the new freedom of being able to experience jimmy’z shisha anywhere, at any time

quality promise

from development, to award-winning design, to manufacturing – jimmy’z shisha is a prime example of german engineering. In doing so, we guarantee that you can enjoy our products’ exceptional design and high quality for as long as possible.