tailor-made potential applications

many hotels and bars already offer traditional shisha services. many others are prevented from doing so as a result of the legal situation in their respective countries. jimmy’z shisha is free from tobacco and nicotine and can be used in many countries where traditional shishas are not permitted to be used.


don’t just offer jimmy’z shisha in your smoking lounges and bar area. jimmy’z also looks good in the rooms themselves next to the coffee machine. unlike tobacco products, jimmy’z shisha produces only flavoured vapour, without nicotine and without smoke.


whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor bar, with jimmy’z shisha, you can offer your guests something special in any location. no matter whether you wish to expand your offer of traditional shisha products to include a modern alternative, or whether jimmy’z is to be the first shisha in your range: you will open a completely new world of experiences up to your guests. for example, offer your own shisha cocktail creations. we will be happy to help

no risk. just fun!

test jimmy’z. for free. non-binding. for 4 weeks. you also receive 25 capsules per shisha – free of charge, of course. if you have been won over by jimmy’z after 4 weeks – which we are sure you will be – you can rent or buy the shisha from us.

if jimmy’z shisha doesn’t fit within your range of products, then we take them back free of charge and without any difficulty. you are not taking any kind of risk.

we will be happy to prepare an individual quote for you.

shisha cocktails

shisha cocktails? yes! you can enhance the jimmy’z experience even further for your customers. in addition to our shisha pods in exquisite flavours, offer your guests a further kick. for example, fill the tank with wine, champagne or fruits instead of ordinary water. create your own shisha cocktails. in this manner, and with the right ingredients, you can turn our club flavour into a first-class cuban mojito.


at jimmy’z, we want everyone to feel great and to reach their full potential. this not only refers to the end customers, but also to our business partners. we strive for a win-win situation for everyone involved. for this reason, our support is not only limited to handling orders and troubleshooting. we also provide you with support when it comes to developing innovative, individual jimmy’z experiences for your customers and guests.