The perfect Matcha Refreshment

Matcha Refreshment

The perfect Matcha Refreshment

As leading brand for Matcha refreshment, JIMMY´Z Drink is making use of a very old tradition. Created over 800 years by buddhist monks, the noble green tea is now considered one of the most expensive teas in the world. By drinking our Matcha Refreshment, you are getting all the awesome ingredients of this ancient tea. The basic ingredient of matcha, the green tea (Tencha) is harvested from its tea bushes, who receive a shadow treatment for the last four weeks of their growth. This creates a very delicate, dark green colored leaf. After the harvest, the leaves are steam cooked, dried and the ground into a fine powder. This powder is so expensive, that is considered an extreme delicacy in most countries of the world. This is where the high price for matcha originates from. With new scientific methods, the special effect of matcha could now be traced back to these ingredients:

How the Matcha Refreshment works

The caffeine in matcha is responsible for a soft kick and a sharp mind. It works perfectly with the L-theanin from the tea. The amino acids lower the extreme kick of the caffeine. In contrast to normal caffeine, the ingredients of the are absorbed in the intestines.Therefore it is not intrusive, but always present. The benefit: A perfect balance between boost and relaxation.

Recharge +

Exactly this effect is what the creators of JIMMY´z have used in their exclusive Recharge+ formula. Caffeine starts the energy kick early, matcha tea prolongs it. Therefore you don´t experience the “caffeine-low” of normal energy drinks. A stabler, pleasant flow of energy is the result. This is how we managed to introduce a revolutionary effect by using an old tradition. You can convince yourself of this effect by using our unique products. All our Matcha Refreshments contain the marathon runner: Green Tea!

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  • Sebastian

    14. June 2016 at 14:48

    Die Wirkungsweise ist ja schon sehr interessant! Werdet ihr auch weiter und vielleicht etwas ausführlicher weitere nachgewiesene Erkenntnisse zur Wirkungsweise von Matcha und den JIMMY’Z-Produkten veröffentlichen? Oder könnt ihr auf andere wissenschaftliche Publikationen verweisen, die diese Effekte quantitativ nachgewiesen haben?

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