New Hookah 2016

New Hookah 2016

New Hookah 2016

Its time for a new Hookah concept

Hookah has been the same for centuries now. You´ve got your water-tank at the bottom, coals and tobacco up top. This is the way it has been smoked since the time of the Ottomans and also today in the 21st century. We at JIMMY´Z believe: It´s time to change this ancient concept! It´s time for a new Hookah that is not only adjusted to our time but may be even ahead of it.

The new Hookah 2016

We have turned this ancient hookah concept upside down. In our hookah, you will find the water-tank at the top and the heat at the bottom. No tobacco, no nicotine, no tar and no carbon-monoxide. We substitute these toxins with our volcano stones. They are soaked in flavors and release them thanks to our innovative heat-blanket. You simply insert them into the hookah in a capsule. Just like in your coffee-machine.

Our Materials


Our new hookah 2016 was crafted exclusively with high quality materials. Instead of a body made from brass or steel, which can rust, we used aircraft grade, brushed and anodized aluminum. Instead of a breakable glass water-tank, we decided on durable plexiglass. With these materials, our new hookah can handle everything that you might demand from it.

The heart of our hookah

Due to the fact that we got rid of the toxic charcoal concept, we needed something that would control our heating blanket and the sensors inside of the new hookah. To tackle this problem, our engineers have developed a circuit board with a processor that does the job. It constantly measures the temperature of the stones inside the capsule and adjusts the heat. A motion sensor makes sure that the hookah turns off once you stop using it. Finally, this package needs a bunch of power. We have included a li-ion battery to supply this power. This enables up to 5 hours of pure hookah enjoyment.

Not convinced yet?

We did not only look at the big picture of our product, but also made every small detail 21st century ready: Our matching hookah-hose easily connects to the water-tank with a strong magnet. Even the capsule lid at the bottom is securely locked by magnets.

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