the „modern“ nicotine

nicotine is the active ingredient which gives smokers their “kick”. it is found in tobacco and is suspected of causing addition. however, it does also have positive properties, improving mood and providing relaxation in the face of stress.


jimmy’z innovation team has set itself the goal of developing better products for a positive world.

one of these developments is the jimmy’z “matchX” formula: the alternative to nicotine. it provides stimulation, or relaxation, but does not lead to addiction


one of the main components of jimmy’z “matchX” formula is matcha green tea extract.

matcha, the exquisite japanese green tea, was already being used 1000 years ago by japanese monks to keep themselves awake, so as to be able to meditate for longer.


the positive qualities of matcha are that it provides refreshment, picks you up, stimulates you, and relaxes you at the same time. the effect develops slowly and softly, and lasts for a long time.

instead of shaking up your circulation in the short term, as the caffeine in coffee does, the caffeine in matcha green tea serves to keep you fit yet relaxed for hours at a time.


our matchX is to be found in all our flavours and provides long-lasting pleasure every time it is consumed.