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new consumer.

the world is changing rapidly.

and the consumer demand is changing as well.

consumer want to be understood,
respected and served well.

new brand.

it is time to say „bye“ to the old world
of tobacco, nicotine and too much sugar.

it is time to say „hello“ to a truly
natural and responsible boost concept.

it is time for jimmy‘z.

new stimulizer.

all jimmy‘z products contain
an exclusive natural recharge formula.

the recharge formula is based on matcha
,carries a high concentration of caffeine
and also relaxing ingredients

new path.

our products are developed
in close cooperation with
the consumer.

from day one.

to ensure that we don‘t miss anything.

Colleagues working together and enjoying coffee time.


jimmy‘z is offering a wide portfolio
of stimulizer products.

from drinks to vapour product
and whatever comes next …


asia, europe, america, africa.

jimmy‘z is available in more than 30
countries already and expanding.