JIMMY´Z wins IF Design Award 2017

IF Design Award 2017

JIMMY´Z wins IF Design Award 2017

Every year, the jury of the International Forum Design awards exceptionally designed products with an award. This jury consists of the worldwide elite in product-design. When judging a product, the 58 jury members not only look for design but also for the handling and functionality of the products. If a product is chosen, it is being judged by several jury groups. Only products which are able to convince all jury-groups and are not ruled out by a veto, receive the renowned IF Design Award 2017.

Because of this long and difficult process, we are exceptionally happy that JIMMY´Z won the IF Design Award 2017. When we sent in our Vape last year, no one was expecting what would happen. With its exclusive look and simple use, our vape is joining the group of winners such as Apple, Audi and Nike.

For us as manufacturer, this award is especially important. It proves what our customers have always told us. It also shows us, that the path we have selected is right: Investing less time into an extensive and complicated design but rather adjusting the product towards the user. Smooth lines that perfectly fit into your hand. Last but not least, we also have to thank the golden cut!

In case you don´t know our Vape yet, click here.

The same route we took with our vape, we also want to use with our Shisha. Being designed by the same team, it will compete in the IF Design Award 2018.

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