JIMMY´Z the first real Nicotine Substitute


JIMMY´Z the first real Nicotine Substitute

The society needs a Nicotine Substitute. Since tobacco was discovered, it has plagued our society and destroyed lifes. It wasn´t until the second part of the 20th century that science actually discovered the terrible effects it has on the human body. But many people are addicted to the feeling and push that nicotine gives you. This is why our planet needs a real nicotine substitute. Something that has the same effects. This is where our team steps in.

Matcha and Caffeine are our powerful answers for the rise of nicotine. Our combination of these two ancient friends produces the same energy kick as nicotine does, but does not have the bad side effects which it carries.

To deliver the steady stream of energy whenever you want. We have introduced our innovative recharge+ formula into all of our products. Our Hookah, our Vape and Shot will contain the nicotine alternative. Even our Drink contains our magical mixture of caffeine and matcha.

With most of our products you can choose which intensity of recharge+ you would like. There is lounge without the recharge+, with a creamy chocolate flavor which doesn´t boost you. Then there is soul with 20mg/ml recharge+ which has a fruity creamy taste and will give you enough power to survive any house party. Finally there is club, our longplayer. With a lime taste and 40mg/ml recharge+, club keeps you going all night. As you can see, everyone can decide which taste and intensity they would like to use in our products.

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