discover jimmy’z world of taste

whether exotic, fresh, sweet, exquisite or fruity, you’ll be able to find your favourite flavour here. fantastic taste is one thing, and top quality another. all flavour ingredients come from our partner, flavourart, in italy, and are mixed and bottled under strict quality requirements by experts in germany. when heated in the shisha, our shisha stones, available in various flavours, release their aromatic taste in the form of vapour.

smoothie collection

do you like it fruity, exotic and fresh? then discover our range of flavours in the jimmy’z smoothie collection

Chill – grape
for the perfect chill-out moments in life

Club – lime & mint
a fresh mojito in a wild night of clubbing

Pop – melon, kiwi & a touch of mint
a dance on an exotic beach

Classic – double apple
the fresh, intense classic for shisha connoisseurs

Soul – forest fruits
the pure taste of wild nature

gourmet collection

do you like it sweet, fancy and exquisite? then find your favourite flavour in our jimmy’z gourmet collection

Lounge – chocolate & cream
it doesn’t get more indulgent than this

Sonata – crème brûlée
the sweet dessert, every moment is a joy

Opera – truffle
a very exclusive symphony of taste. the world first truffle flavour for shishas.

concerto – champagne
luxurious moment of joy that money can’t buy


are you looking for the easiest and most comfortable way to jimmy’z shisha pleasure? Then our pre-filled capsules, we call them pods, are perfect for you. select your flavour, insert the pod and press the ‘start’ button. pure taste sensation


do you like creating new things? then we recommend our shisha stones in a bottle. be your own dj and mix your own favourite shisha tastes from among our jimmy’z flavours.

jam pods

let your creativity run wild with jimmy’z jam pods. fill them with your ideas, our flavoured shisha stones, herbs or, if you wish, with tobacco. the main thing is: it rocks!