9 reasons why

the new



revolutionary simple.

revolutionary smart.

revolutionary clean.

setup in 60 seconds.

insert a capsule,

press start,


one capsule lasts 1 hour.

3 step instruction
flavor line up

gourmet flavour. 

inspiring flavor.

intensive taste.

mixed by flavourart in italy.

with reviving recharge – kick.

shisha bag


the handy shisha bag

is quickly packed and

ready for the trip to the beach,

to friends or in the park.


unbreakable watertank.

made  of high quality plastic.

and as no coal is used,

nothing can burn.


made in germany.

carefully assembled.

with much attention to detail.

all made in germany.

nothing is better.

hookah of the year.

many shisha would like that.

the highest award ever.

a knight’s fight for courage,

innovation and design.